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Sales Services & Financing Support


We are an ultimate platform for outsourcing and facilitating services that is fully relied on by both organizations and individuals. We understand this new economy and what it takes in today’s highly competitive market to open doors and close deals.
SOS Plus aims to facilitate the reach out process and bridges the gap between companies and their prospect customers. In this new Digital world, we assist our clients to achieve high standards based on their business needs, at a much-reduced cost and stay competitive in their specific marketplace.
Our Services

Consulting & Training

Do your employees have the right awareness and understanding of the sales methods?

Staff Outsourcing

Do you know that Manpower Outsourcing can help companies stay ahead of their competitors?


Upon dynamically changing business needs, attracting the right talent at the right time has proved to be a very challenging task for businesses.

Sales Services

Are you desired to build a scalable sales organization? We understand it is hard to find more stars who instinctively know how to be a successful salesperson.

Financing Support

While a small error in financial decisions can cost big money to organizations and individuals, SOS Plus facilitates the financing support process for both.

Educational Support

How can educational institutes attract their target students, and how can students find the right program and institute for them? SOS Plus facilitates the communication process between Universities and their prospect students.

Suppliers & Vendors

Whether it be selling your product or finding suppliers to purchase wholesale from, SOS Plus makes it all easy for you.

Outsourcing Call Centre Service

Customers’ satisfaction is one of any organization’s main goals. Great businesses never fail to offer their clientele with great customer service.